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Steven Elliot, Creator of the Havok Watches campaign || Goal: $35,000 • Raised: $443,777

“BackerHub was a great experience overall. The BackersHub team was responsive and helped make the process a breeze. It generated some good exposure for our campaign!"

Daniel Ralsky, Creator of the Satchel & Page campaign || Goal: $35,000 • Raised: $86,750

“I am both a founder of a Kickstarter project and a Kickstarter backer. From the perspective of my brand, BackersHub is a great way to reach new customers who are highly engaged and loyal. From the perspective of me as a Kickstarter backer, BackersHub keeps me informed of all the projects I may have unintentionally missed."

Yoki Baskara, Creator of the Cravar campaign || Goal: $17,500 • Raised: $55,064

"Working with Backershub has enabled us to connect directly with potential backers. The value is not just on the additional pledge gained, but also the insights & camaraderie you get from its members."

Adam Teague, Creator of the Wooden Maps campaign || Goal: $7,500 • Raised: $15,697

“When we decided to run our first kickstarter ever we tried a lot of different marketing solutions. I can say with 100% certainty that our feature on BackersHub was one of the best dollar for dollar marketing decisions we made. The quality of their list of leads was extremely helpful for us in generating several great backers. If we ever run another kickstarter we will be using BackerHub again.”

About BackersHub

A community of Kickstarter Backers, started by Backers - tap into an organic community of the most active Kickstarter Backers

The #1 Challenge For Campaign Creators Is...

finding potential Backers that will actually support thier campaign

Why choose us?

  • Over 12,000 Backers On Our Weekly Newsletter

    Each week we promote new campaigns and their Early Bird Rewards to our newsletter community of Backers. Thousands of repeat Backers are informed about the latest campaigns, bringing exposure to new projects.

  • Over 6,700 Backers In Our Private Facebook Group

    Every day we post new campaigns in our highly active Backers-Only Facebook Group. This private group allows our Backers to view new campaigns, give feedback and share reward reviews of other campaigns.

  • Learn From Other Campaign Creators

    Join a growing community of fellow Campaign Creators to gain support, advice, ideas and cross promotion opportunities. By partnering with other campaign creators, we can help you create relationships that will spread the reach of your campaign.


Our awesome features

Working with BackersHub will give you the advantage in reaching your goal.

  • Proven Formula

    This is the only and proven strategy to gain organic KickStarter traffic - backers ready to pay you instantly.

  • Backers Community

    Our Backers come from all over the globe, backing a wide variety of campaign categories on Kickstarter.

  • Facebook Group

    Get access to our private Facebook Group and watch Backers engage with your campaign post.

  • Very Easy To Get Started

    Purchase any promotional package and get promoted within 48 - 72 hours. Quick turn around time.

  • Clients Loving

    Join a growing list of campaign creators to get the "Funded with Kickstarter" badge. Read what other creators have said about us.

  • Supporting

    We offer around the clock support - whether it's by email or over the phone. Work with a committed team that wants to see you win.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from new campaign creators.

"I'm on Kickstarter because I need money, why are you asking me to spend?"

To keep our list growing and effective, we have spent hundreds of hours building our community. Our marketing efforts cost money and so does managing the list - we reinvest into our services so that we can continue to build a resource of value for you and future campaign creators.

How did you build your list of Backers?

We started out as a small community of Backers working together to get awesome deals on Kickstarter-funded products we missed out on. Our humble community began to grow organically to the point we realized we have enough members to help new campaign creators out as well.

How soon will my campaign be promoted?

All Facebook posts are placed on a first come, first served basis. For our newsletter promotions, there is a queue - we only send out two newsletter a week. We offer a first come first serve policy in regards to the newsletter promotion placement. Do not miss out on getting featured in our next available newsletter. We send each client a report of the click-thru and open-rate info on the newsletter we sent out with their campaign.

Is there a guarantee that I will get Backers?

Every campaign is different and will not be received the same. However, promoting your campaign to repeat Hardcore Backers is the best way to increase your conversion rate. We believe in setting the right expectations with each campaign creators - we only select campaoigns to work with that we believe fit the demographic of our community.

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Gain access to our exclusive From $0 To Funded campaign creator community. The community alone is worth the price because every member is a great connection and potential cross promotion partner. You'll never be alone.

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The "Bundle", "Deluxe" and "Hardcore" Bundles will each get you promoted to over 12,000 + Backers.

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  • Newsletter Push To Over 20,000 Backers
  • Feautured in 2 Exclusive Newsletter
  • Offer an Exclusive Giveaway To Increase Engagement
  • "Cross Promotion 101" eBook
  • Weekly Wrap Up Facebook Post

BackersHub is the Most Strategic Way to promote your Kickstarter Campaign to gain Backers.

Promoting your Kickstarter campaign in one of our weekly newsletters can be the difference between failing OR reaching your goal .... possibly even hitting 2x, 3x or even 5x your goal.

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